Science is the currency of biosecurity

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Science is the currency of biosecurity: it provides the evidence base for market access, and protects our agricultural productivity. Where to next for plant biosecurity science in this country?

The Plant Biosecurity CRC winds up in mid-2018. They are at a cross-roads. Recognising this, and after consultation, they have sent a proposal to the Australian Government recommending the establishment of a permanent plant biosecurity science institute.

The focus will be cross-sectoral research, recognising that sector-based research is being progressed by RDCs. If you support a long-term and sustainable future for plant biosecurity research, and want to ensure that we can maintain our high biosecurity status for market access and trade, then you may want to consider throwing your support behind this proposal. You can do this by contacting decision-makers in government – all contact details, plus the full proposal are online here.