Board of Directors

The Hon. Tony Staley AO — Independent Chairman

The Hon. Tony Staley AOTony Staley has been the Independent Chair of the CRCA since the Association commenced in 1994.

Members of the Board

The Association is governed by a Board of Member CEOs, which comprises a representative from each of the industry sectors covered by CRC activities.  Each of the six sectors elect their own representative at the Annual General Meeting which is held at the time of the National Conference.  There  are also alternate committee members for each sector.

The Deputy is elected directly by the CRC membership.  The Treasurer is a member of the Committee and appointed by it.

Board members for 2015-2016

Professor Valerie Linton, Energy Pipeline CRC (Deputy Chair)
Ms Kellie Dyer, Rail Innovation CRC (Legacy), (Treasurer)
Professor Ian Dagley, CRC for Polymers (Manufacturing Sector)
 Mr Rod Reeve, CRC for Remote Economic Development  (Social and Economic Development Sector)
Professor Richard Hillis, Deep Exploration Technologies CRC (Mining and Infrastructure Sector)
Dr Michael Robinson, Plant Biosecurity CRC (Agriculture Sector)
Dr Richard Thornton, Bushfires and Natural Hazards CRC (Environmental Services Sector)
Professor Ian Cooke, CRC for Mental Health  (Medical Services Sector)