The Cooperative Research Centres Association is a not-for-profit organisation operating to promote the pursuit of science, particularly through the Australian Government’s CRC Programme.

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  • Tony Peacock, CRCA CEO
    Who’s bidding for a CRC in Round 19?

    As groups are forming to bid in the 19th CRC Funding Round in 2017, the CRC Association will feature bids and issues for bidders in a series of articles. Early setting of the ground rules for participating in a CRC is important. Fundamental issues like the IP arrangements or cash contributions may rule certain organisations in or out. The CRC Association has suggested that participants develop a Term Sheet for involvement..


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  • Are you a Member of the CRC Association?

    Are you currently preparing, or thinking about preparing, a CRC or a CRC-P bid? Then membership with the CRC Association should be one of your top priorities. Through membership with the Association you gain access to the wealth and knowledge of 25 years of CRCs.


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If you are thinking about postgraduate study, you’ll also be thinking about postgraduate work.

A third of PhD-trained researchers in Australia work in industry but this proportion is set to boom during your career (in the US it’s more like two-thirds).

So if you are thinking about further study, give some thought to where you’ll end up working and consider training through a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC). CRCs give you industry experience and the chance to work on the major challenges facing Australia.

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