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CRC-Ps Announced

The Australian Government announced today that it will invest $22.6 million in funding for 11 CRC-Projects (CRC-Ps), with funding to start from July 2016.CRC-Ps were developed by the government in response to the Miles Review handed down last year. David Miles recommended that three rounds be held every year. The next CRC-P round is expected to open in August 2016 with outcomes announced in November and funding from January 2017. The schedule for anticipated CRC and CRC-P funding rounds can be found here.

Successful CRC-P 1st Selection Round Projects can be found here.

Funded Projects:

  • The future integrated driver monitoring solution for heavy vehicles
  • Hydrocarbon fuel technology for hypersonic air breathing vehicles
  • Printed solar films for value-added building products for Australia
  • Translational R&D to accelerate sustainable omega-3 production
  • CRC-P for Innovative Prefabricated Building Systems
  • An antibody based in vitro diagnostic for metastatic cancer
  • High performance optical telemetry system for ocean monitoring
  • Combined carbon capture from flue gas streams and mineral carbonation
  • Strengthening Australia’s radiopharmaceutical development capabilities
  • Innovation in Advanced Multi-Storey Housing Manufacture
  • Future Oysters CRC-P

Outcomes of stage one of the 18th selection round of CRCs are expected in July and applications will open for those invited to Stage Two. Final outcomes are expected to be known by the end of the year.

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Compliant Round 18 CRC Applications Announced

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science has announced the list of 14  compliant CRC applications. The applications will now be vetted by the CRC Advisory Committee which will make recommendations on which are suitable for progression to Stage 2 of the assessment process.

The compliant applications can be found here.

CRCs, the Budget and Election

Commentators have noted the Cooperative Research Centres Programme both as receiving a “$20 million cut” and as one of the “big winners” in last night’s Federal Budget. In other words, it’s confusing. CRC Association’s Tony Peacock tries to explain.

Cooperative Research Centres are back, are strong and are on an upward trend. Let’s deal with some of the dollar detail from last night’s Budget firstly:

A $20 million efficiency saving is noted in the Industry portfolio from the Entrepreneurs Programme and the CRC Programme. The CRCA understands this represents $6 million of unspent funds in the current year from the CRC Programme. The suspension of the funding round in 2014 and the delayed start in 2015 due to the Miles Review has led to a saving.
However, the 2016/17 and the 2017/18 forward estimates for the CRC Programme have been boosted by more than the 2015/16 savings. So overall, we see a small boost in the total CRC Programme budget.

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Take the time to collaborate properly

By Dr Tony Peacock, CRC Association

Perhaps researchers are getting the government’s message that they need to collaborate. Perhaps it is the introduction of the CRC-Ps and the short deadlines for the recent finding rounds. Or maybe it’s that we are all watching too much Reality Television and expect instant answers these days. Whatever it is, the CRC Association is getting feedback that industry is feeling rushed. Researchers are proposing collaborations with very short time frames to get an answer.

In my book, going to a company or a research agency with only a week or a month for them to make a decision on whether they support a particular proposal is not collaboration. Collaboration takes much more time and much more understanding of the strategic wants and needs of the company or industry.

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CRC-Projects a massive hit

Ninety-one CRC-Projects (CRC-Ps) were received by the closing date for the first round on March 17. AusIndustry is currently compliance checking the applications, with the first expected to be funded for a 1 July start, if all goes to plan. Details of the applications are not public as yet, but it is understood that AusIndustry will release details on the average funding request and length of application. There was no minimum application amount set for the round, and a maximum of $3 million over 3 years. Applicants must at least match their request from government.

“The response shows that there are lots of businesses out there wanting to do more collaborative work,” said Dr. Tony Peacock, CEO of the CRC Association. It is a really outstanding response – especially when you think that businesses only had six weeks to prepare for this first funding round. There is certainly no shortage of ideas to fuel the Ideas Boom”.

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Photos and Presentations now up

Photos and presentations from the Business of Innovation 2016 are now up. You can find the photos here and the presentations here.