Who’s bidding for a CRC in Round 19?

Who is bidding  ?

As groups are forming to bid in the 19th CRC Funding Round in 2017, the CRC Association will feature bids and issues for bidders in a series of articles.

Early setting of the ground rules for participating in a CRC is important. Fundamental issues like the IP arrangements or cash contributions may rule certain organisations in or out. The CRC Association has suggested that participants develop a Term Sheet for involvement.

The Miles Review limited the options for how a CRC will be legally structured – they have to be a company limited by guarantee – so there is now no need for discussion in this area. But what about before you even get to the stage of developing a Term Sheet?

Dr Stella Clark and Dr Richard Huysmans of Raven Consulting Group, advocate that multi-organisations research initiatives benefit from early “collaborative conversations” that focus on the people and their relationships, and not just the research activities.

“During proposal development, the focus is often on the funding deadline. Important issues of how people actually collaborate might be part of the later discussion,” says Stella Clark.

“Tailored programs to mentor, coach and improve skills at the very early stage pay big dividends, but are easy to overlook in the rush for a deadline,” says Dr Clark.

The CRC Association has long advised potential CRC bidders to talk more and talk earlier in the collaboration pipeline. If you would like to discuss piloting a “collaborative conversation” links are provided to Richard and Stella’s work.

Who is developing a CRC proposal for Round 19?

  • Advanced Medical Biotechnology – Dr John Lowenthal
  • Chronic Disease
  • Food Waste
  • Sub Sea CRC
  • Farming Smarter CRC – Associate Professor David Miron

Please contact the association if you would like to contact any of the above people.
Note: the CRC Association will list any bid that makes us aware of their intention. You can do so by sending an email to [email protected]. The CRC Association has no formal role in the CRC selection process.