Round 18 update and new Minister

The CRC Association would like to congratulate the Hon Greg Hunt MP on his recent appointment as Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science. We look forward to working with Mr Hunt and his office in the future. We would also like to acknowledge the work of the Hon Christopher Pyne while in the industry portfolio over the past ten months. Mr Pyne has now been appointed Minister for Defence Industry. We expect to continue to interact with Minister Pyne.

“Greg Hunt is no stranger to CRCs,” said the CEO of the CRC Association, Dr Tony Peacock.

“I’ve met with Minister Hunt on numerous occasions and he has spoken at various CRC events. We look forward to working with him. I also want to acknowledge the staff of Minster Pyne’s office, who were a pleasure to work with”.

The CRC Association expects that the shortlist for Stage 2 of CRC applications will be announced soon. Stage 2 shortlisted bids are invited to put forward a business case.

Round two of CRC-P bids are expected to open in August but the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science have not yet released an exact date.