RACE for 2030 Industry PhD scholarships now open for applications

Fast track to Zero Carbon Ready Buildings

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According to the IEA, for the international community to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, by 2030 all new buildings will need to be ‘zero-carbon ready’ and one fifth of all existing buildings (incl. most institutional real estate) will need to be retrofitted to zero-carbon ready levels.

Zero-carbon-ready buildings are essential because they will support the massive growth in renewable energy generation that is required. Flexible demand from buildings will underpin the economic case for the infrastructure investment required to decarbonise the global energy supply system.

The scholarship will support research in data science and machine learning, with a focus on commercial building demand forecasting and load optimisation in a dynamic operating environment

with potentially conflicting environmental, cost and health objectives.

Building owners, occupiers, network operators and electricity retailers all stand to benefit greatly if this ‘built in system capacity’ can be better understood and actively addressed.

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Optimal planning and operational strategy for biogas power generation system design in wastewater plants

A highly competitive scholarship is available to support a suitably interested and eligible candidate to undertake a 3-year Industry PhD research project at University of Technology Sydney. The PhD project will be completed in the School of Electrical and Data Engineering and is funded by a generous 3-year scholarship by the RACE for 2030 (https://www.racefor2030.com.au/industry-phd-program/) Collaborative Research Centre in collaboration with industry partner Sydney Water. 

This PhD project will carry out research on the optimal planning and operational strategy for biogas power generation system design in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). The main objective of this research is to cover the research outputs listed below:

– Conduct techno-economic feasibility for biogas usage in WWTP.

– Provide a model by which the potential of WWTP facilities for optimal planning, and operation can be calculated.

– Design control strategies to maximize its revenues when participating in energy markets.

– Provide a guide and framework that will add value to the wastewater treatment process.

This PhD will be completed through a PhD by publication/compilation or thesis with a minimum of three peer reviewed publications and will commence with an industry focused Rapid Review (https://www.racefor2030.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Rapid-review-package.pdf). This PhD will also be supported by an Industry Reference Group throughout the project providing the opportunity to develop advanced research skills, contribute to an important global issue and engage meaningfully with industry.

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