My social media journey. Less blogs, more Tweets and why I love @bufferapp

I just gave a presentation last week at Invigorating Ag on my social media journey. When they asked me to do it, I let them know I’m far from a social media expert. Paraphrasing their response: “Well, we saw an article you wrote on Twitter 101, and figure if you can use it, anyone can. And anyway, most people claiming to be social media experts aren’t anyway, so you’ll do”.

A big portion of the day was professional development for young agriculturalists, so one of them was assigned to introduce me. I told him that a year ago I thought Twitter was a complete wank, but now I was converted. I realised he was listening well, because he later introduced me as a complete wanker (I’ll remember Mick O’Keefe of FSA Consulting).

The short version on my talk is as follows:

  • Twitter gives you the ability to have personal dialogue with interested people;
  • Personal referrals are the most trusted source of information;
  • People value the information you give them from Twitter;
  • They like it if you are funny; they put up with useless stuff and self promotion to a degree (ie. it’s OK to tell them you bench pressed 100kg, but not every time you do it);
  • There are lots of tools that can help you tweet efficiently. I really like Buffer for example. I want to promote all the cool stuff coming out of Cooperative Research Centres but I do 90% of it based on media monitoring each morning and from a science media bulletin in the afternoon, where I pick up stuff people hopefully find useful.

I was happy to see that at least a dozen in the audience appeared to open a Twitter account or revive a flagging one over the day or two after the meeting. There was certainly a lot of great information worth sharing.

Find my old post here or follow the link above to my presentation.