Bidding for a CRC

Are you currently preparing for, or thinking about a CRC bid in the current or a future round?  Are you also looking for partners?  If so, Cooperative Research Australia wants to know.

Bidding for a CRC is a very competitive process. Many bids do not make themselves aware to Cooperative Research Australia. By letting us know about your CRC bid we can help you make the connections and introduce you to the people you should be talking to.

If you would like your bids advertised in the monthly Cooperative Research Australia newsletter, which goes out to 10,000 email addresses please email us.

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Cooperative Research Australia will help guide you with your bid and when bid time comes around, we will help you with a mock interview and provide feedback.If you are interested in this service please email us.

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CRC applicants in the Growth Centre sectors are encouraged to align their applications with the key themes, vision and/or Industry Knowledge Priorities of relevant Growth Centres, and to engage early and directly with relevant Growth Centres to leverage their sector expertise.

CRC bids for Round 23

  • Care Economy CRC
    The Care Economy CRC is an industry-led hub for co-designing and implementing the next generation of services across all Care Economy domains.
  • CRC SAAFE – Solving Antimicrobial Resistance in Agribusiness, Food and Environments
    CRC SAAFE will address the impacts of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) on Australia’s agribusinesses, conducting research aligned with Australia’s National AMR Strategy.
  • CRC for Intelligent Manufacturing
    Sovereign and intelligent manufacturing capability will be developed to increase Australian manufacturing scale, resilience and self-sufficiency.
  • CRC Longevity
    Australians are living longer than ever before, but traditional assumptions about the 65th birthday are a roadblock to Australia’s future economic growth and sustainability. CRC Longevity is an Australia-wide, industry-led research collaboration to drive economic growth from this longevity bonus.
  • Plastic Waste CRC
    The Plastic Waste CRC will rethink the way we design, use, and reuse plastics to create a viable and valuable circular economy for plastic, and a cleaner, safer environment. The development of a circular economy for plastic is fundamental to solving Australia’s plastic waste challenge.
  • Water Security CRC
    The Water Security CRC will deliver water security solutions for cities, towns and communities that optimise water-related benefits for people and economic actives, sustain healthy aquatic ecosystems and project against growing environmental challenges.
  • LaserCRC
    Development and implementation of new laser systems and techniques for a spectrum of applications from defence and manufacturing to medicine and art.
  • Regional Advanced Manufacturing CRC (RAM CRC)
    The Regional Advanced Manufacturing (RAM CRC) has a bold vision for the next generation of Advanced Manufacturing in regional and remote Australia. The RAM CRC will bring together University and Industry partners from across the country to support product and process innovation, economic development, and jobs growth in the regions.
  • Critical Supply Chain CRC
    The Critical Supply Chain CRC represents a 10-year mission to use Internet of Things and other technologies to revolutionise Australia’s medical products supply chain to be more resilient, more efficient, more responsive and more transparent.
  • transform:crc for Digital Materials Engineering
    The opportunity for the transform:crc for Digital Materials Engineering – is to bring “digital” – data science – to the traditional world of materials science and engineering.
  • The Sovereign Manufacturing Automation for Composites Cooperative Research Centre (The SoMAC CRC)
    The SoMAC CRC’s vision is to place Australia as a first choice for rapid prototyping, enabling decentralised composites production capacity and building sovereign independence.
  • CRC for Advancing Biological Inputs for Agriculture
    The proposed CRC for Advancing Biological Inputs for Agriculture will bring together key national and international players in the field to improve fertiliser practices by advancing the plant biostimulants technology for high-yield and high-quality plant production in agriculture.
  • Economic Participation of Indigenous Communities CRC
    The aim of EPIC CRC is to enhance the ability of Australian Indigenous peoples to participate more fully and equitably in the Australian economy.
  • Well and Productive CRC
    The Vision of the Well and Productive CRC is an Australia where Industry-led research has identified new solutions that keep people mentally fit, healthy and well.
  • ONE Basin CRC
    ONE Basin CRC will bring basin communities, businesses and governments together with researchers to co-design pathways for a sustainable Murray Darling Basin, in a changing and uncertain environment.


CRC bids for future rounds

  • hemp CRC
    The Hemp CRC will involve industry partners in building strong foundations for a secure and sustainable hemp industry of the future.
  • CRC for Mega-Event Innovations (MEGACRC)
    MEGACRC will develop innovations to underpin the enduring legacies of major and mega-events through an exceptional fan & community experience.
  • Superannuation CRC
    Solutions for Australia’s pension system across superannuation, retirement income, home ownership, financial regulation and data architecture.
  • Copper for Tomorrow CRC
    The Copper for Tomorrow CRC will develop mining and processing solutions across the copper value chain to provide a step change in both the economics and the sustainability of copper production, thus meeting both market demand and sustainability goals.
  • Hydrogen CRC
    The Hydrogen CRC will bring together key stakeholders from across Australia to drive and accelerate national capabilities in an emerging clean energy sector. A key aim of the Hydrogen CRC is to deliver systems and technologies that enable affordable clean energy to the Australian industry using hydrogen.
  • CRC for Lower Back Pain
    We propose a Corporate Research Centre, in partnership with strong and robust partners in the public and private sectors, to implement and evaluate a holistic approach for low back pain generated through the highest-quality body of research in the field, and based on nnovative, technology, and eHealth-based solutions.