Are you a Member of the CRC Association?

Are you currently preparing, or thinking about preparing, a CRC or a CRC-P bid? Then membership with the CRC Association should be one of your top priorities. Through membership with the Association you gain access to the wealth and knowledge of 25 years of CRCs.

The CRC Association will help guide you with your bid and put you in contact with the people you should be speaking to. When bid time comes around, we will help you with a mock interview and provide feedback. Other benefits include access to specials on flights, Vitae’s RDF Planner, and access to the CRC Association’s members’ website that contains vital information when setting up or bidding for a CRC.

We are delighted that every CRC chooses to be a Member and a growing number of universities are joining the Association. Over the next six months we will be building up the Members’ website to be even more comprehensive.

Contact Jordan Gardner for more membership information.