Collaborate | Innovate | 2018

Each year at its Annual Conference the CRC Association is privileged to showcase presentations from innovation leaders from Australia and the world. Presentations are provided here for viewing or downloading. All material is copyright of the original authors.

  • Sheep CRC legacy
    Sheep CRC – legacy and learning
    Prof James Rowe
    CEO, Sheep CRC
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  • From Pork CRC to APRIL
    From Pork CRC to APRIL
    Dr Roger Campbell
    CEO, Pork CRC
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    Deep Exploration Technologies CRC
    Prof Richard Hillis
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  • Building better careers
    Building better careers – How PhD programs are sustaining long-term individual and organisational succes
    Dr Richard Huysmans
    Raven Consulting Group
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  • Australia's energy future
    Collaborating to strengthen Australia’s energy future
    Ms Miranda Taylor
    CEO, National Energy Resources Australia
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  • Competition or collaboration
    Competition or collaboration – from which well does innovation spring?
    Mr David Turvey
    Acting Chief Economist
    Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
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  • Mind the gap
    Mind the gap: perspectives on collaboration policy and practice
    Dr Laurie Hammond, Adjunct Professor
    Dr Emma Potter-Hay, Senior Research Assistant
    Business School, Queensland University of Technology
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  • Decisions under uncertainty
    Decisions under uncertainty: would you rather be vaguely right or precisely wrong?
    Prof Steve Begg
    Professor of Petroleum Engineering & Management
    The University of Adelaide
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  • DST Group and industry
    DST Group and Industry – partnering for next generation technologies
    Dr Janis Cocking
    Chief, Science Strategy and Program
    DST Group
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  • Growlab
    Growlab, helping Agtech companies find their winning edge
    Mr George Peppou
    Growlab, Cicada Innovations
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  • Commercialising 1,2,3
    Commercialising is as easy as 1,2,3 isn’t it?
    Ms Natalie Chapman
    Managing Director and Co-founder
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  • Licensing strategies
    Licensing strategies
    Ms Yvette Waddell
    Chief Operating Officer
    Brien Holden Vision Institute
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  • Make your application competitive
    Make your application competitive – demystifying the CRC and CRC Projects application and assessment process
    Ms Nicole Elliott, CRC Program Manager
    Mr Martin Dent, CRC Projects Program Manager
    Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
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  • The Conversation
    Pitching to and writing for The Conversation
    Ms Shelley Hepworth
    Technology Editor
    The Conversation
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  • Amplifier platforms
    Use of amplifier platforms for engagement and impact
    Distinguished Professor Stuart Cunningham
    Professor of Media and Communication
    Dr Kim Osman, Research Associate
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