Collaborate | Innovate | 2017

Each year at its Annual Conference the CRC Association is privileged to showcase presentations from innovation leaders from Australia and the world. Presentations are provided here for viewing or downloading. All material is copyright of the original authors.

  • CRC students: The next generation of innovative, collaborative problem solvers?
    Ms Melanie Carew
    Head, Corporate Affairs, Partnerships & Education, CRC for Mental Health
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  • Implementation update: changes to research funding and training
    Mr Harold Lomas
    Acting Branch Manager, Research Funding and Policy Branch
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  • What does the government’s focus on innovation mean for CRCs & R&D?
    Ms Anne-Marie Perret
    Advisor to high growth companies, Board Member & Investor
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  • Ralph Slatyer address 2017
    2017 Ralph Slatyer Address on Science and Society
    Ms Glenys Beauchamp PSM
    Secretary, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
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  • CRC Programme: A National Collaboration Exemplar?
    Mr Bill Ferris AC
    Chair, Innovation and Science Australia
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  • Quality industry-led research: What the CRC Advisory Committee is looking for
    Mr Philip Marcus Clark AM
    Chair, Cooperative Research Centres Advisory Committee
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  • CSIRO’s Collaboration Hub initiative
    Dr Elizabeth Eastland
    Director, Strategy, Market Vision & Innovation
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  • Collaboration Masterclass
    Dr Mark Elliot & Hailey Cooperrider
    Founder and Director; Collaboration & Strategy Lead
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  • Resilas
    Resilas evaluation tool
    The Lowitja Institute
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  • Global trends in entrepreneurial finance
    Mr Mark West & Mr David Williamson
    CEO & Co-founder; Co-founder, Seedly
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  • Effective knowledge translation
    Dr Tamika Heiden
    Principal, Knowledge Translation Australia
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  • The RapidConsensus™ approach to Strategy Development
    Mr Kevin Nuttall
    Director, Principal Facilitator, Waterfield
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  • Collaborating and Pitching
    Dr Sarah Pearson & Ms Heather Catchpole
    Pro Vice-Chancellor (Industry Engagement & Innovation), University of Newcastle; Co-founder and Head of Content at Refraction Media
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  • Study of CRCs
    Mr Laurie Hammond
    Chairman, Mining3; and Chairman, Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC
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  • Creating a legacy
    Ms Helen Cathles
    Chair, Invasive Animals CRC
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